Niagara Falls (Canada)

      Landing in Canada

Smart Pathway to Canadian Immigration (SPCI), a powerful tool used by ACFO de London-Sarnia, will enable you to successfully immigrate to Canada. The purpose of SPCI is to give you accurate information and help you through the immigration process. Related settlement services are available both here (in Canada) and in francophone countries (plus a few English-speaking ones) outside Canada. The SPCI tool scrupulously adheres to Canadian government policy and accompanies you ever step along the way as you settle in this country.


It is therefore important to be familiar with government immigration policy before contemplating a move to Canada. There are a number of documents  and appropriate sites that provide useful and necessary information. They relate to your arrival in this country (Welcome to Canada), living in Canada (Come to Canada), employment opportunities (Work in Canada), etc.

The SPCI approach focuses on the successful integration of newcomers into Canadian life. ACFO de London-Sarnia is participating in this initiative by offering new immigrants high-quality services at various stages in the process: before they come to Canada, once they arrive here and during their stay in this country. The services we offer are as follows:

(1) In Canada
(2) Outside Canada:

  • Information and guidance via the Internet or through sessions held abroad
  • Employment services: relevant information is provided on employment opportunities, degree equivalency and becoming licensed for regulated occupations; as well, support is offered in the form of mentoring or internships to help you acquire Canadian experience.
  • Community connections: this service encourages newcomers to become knowledgeable of different cultures and fosters social inclusion through such activities as twinning and forging ties with citizens, employers, professional organizations, regulatory bodies, community organizations and public institutions in Canada.
  • Needs assessments and referrals: this is an exercise intended to develop a settlement plan for newcomers to Canada; it covers all areas of life: education, language, employment, housing, i.e., everything that is related to the well-being of citizens.
  • Support services: information is provided about such additional services as child care, translation services, crisis assistance, etc.

These services are delivered via various computer and communication tools. Webinars, online presentations and working visits abroad are used to provide high-quality services to clients.

To contact us, email : gu@acfo-ls.org or click here.

                           Taking off from abroad to Canada

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