Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP)

Our goals

To help newcomers get settled in LOndon or surrounding areas and to assist with their integration into canadian society.

Our services :

  • Initial assessment of clients needs and planning services;
  • Information on community and government services;
  • Introduction to life and to Canadian culture;
  • Referrals and matching services and newcomers;
  • Help with issues related to the establishment;
  • Coordination of services;
  • Employment support

Criteria of eligibility : 

  • Permanent resident;
  • The refugees convention;Applicants for refugee status;
  • Canadians citizen;
  • Newcomers admitted under Perspective Ontario;
  • Foreign domestic workers admitted under the program help the family residents;
  • Ministerial permits holders.

For more information or to make an appointement call (519) 850-2236 or send an email to

All our services are offered free of charge

Funded by : Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration