Francophone Business Centre


About our History

The Francophone Business Center, (CAF) began in 2007, in a partnership with several organizations and overseen by RDEE, a network for economic development and employment, to offer services for francophone business entrepreneurs.  The success of the first year, and the increase in demands for services lead to the expansion of our center.  In 2008, a new mandate was funded by The Trillium Foundation of Ontario and Citizenship & Immigration Canada; as a result ACFO, London-Sarnia announced the opening of its new "French Speaking Future Entrepreneur Centre" (CAF) and the relocation to downtown London, Ontario.

The CAF has been able to assist in the writing of sixty-five business plans and helped in the creation of fifty-three businesses, large and small.  Our councillors have been able to help in planning and management and the direction of personnel.  These businesses now employ about 165 persons and show the economic impact of our center in the region and country.   We have received several positive testimonies about our work from these newly established businesses.


Our Mission

  • To help francophone entrepreneurs to establish a business and to give them the tools necessary for success. 
  • To help with administrative details, from preparing a business plan and registering their business, to help with computer skills, and providing information about government guidelines, regulations and taxes. 
  • To provide a counsellor to offer assistance, information, advice and technical help to the entrepreneur


Our Services

Our counselor meets with our clients for a needs assessment.  This may include the business plan, government requirements and registration, the choice of a financial institution and understand all the legal criteria in order to be fully protected. 
We offer business’s workshops and our centre has a small library full of information: reading materials such as magazines, books and the Internet for research.

  • Business plan write up
  • Registering, at the appropriate level (Federal, Provincial or municipal), newly created businesses.
  • Advice to businesses to help getting loans from financial institutions.
  • Financial resources management (accounting)


Our Resources

  • A number of handbooks about how to start a business, how to develop a business, and electronic commerce.
  • Website and network between SME.


Contact us for more information : 519-850-2236 or