Settlement Program


Our goals

(1) To provide pre-arrival overseas services "Smart Pathway to Canadian immigration (SPCI)"

(2)To help newcomers get settled in London or surrounding areas and to assist with their integration into Canadian society.


Our services

  • Initial assessment of immediate needs
  • Accompaniment services
  • Orientation and information
  • Interpretation and translation
  • Referrals to other community services:

                - Individual counselling

                - Employment and education

  • Services and support for survivors of catastrophic stress and/or war


Example of Services Provided

  • Help with finding housing accommodations
  • Assistance with shopping for clothing and household items
  • Help completing government forms, obtaining a health card and social insurance card
  • Accompaniment to other community services
  • Information on regional resources and services: banking, shopping, transportation, health services, cultural and recreational activities, education, training and legal services
  • Information on evaluation of acquired academic credentials
  • Information on second language courses and basic skills upgrading courses
  • Information to start a business


Criteria of eligibility:

Eligibility is based on the following criteria set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada:

     1. A permanent resident of Canada

     2. An individual who has been allowed to remain here and to whom CIC has granted temporary resident status (including Minister's Permit holders or people who have received special permission to remain in Canada for the purpose of becoming a permanent resident)

     3. A non-immigrant foreign caregiver who may subsequently apply for permanent resident  status from within Canada, under the terms of the Live-in Caregiver Program (or the former Foreign Domestic Movement program).

While the Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) is mainly for newcomers, other eligible immigrants may also qualify regardless of how long they have been in Canada. They may still need help in adapting to Canadian society and integrating into the community.

For more information or to make an appointment call (519) 850-2236 or send an email to:

All our services are free of charge!