Centre For Survivors of War and/or hate crimes


Services and support for survivors of war and catastrophic stress is a project funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and immigration Canada. The aims are to assist victims of war and/or ethnic hatred with their settlement and improve their living conditions.


Objectives of the centre

  •  Identify victims of war and/or hatred
  •  Promote awareness and sensitize other members of the community
  •  Increase services provided by the French community
  • Assist with the integration of victims into Canadian society
  • Improve living condition for victims

Who is eligible?

Any person who lives in London or surrounding areas who have directly or indirectly experienced catastrophic stress as a result of war or war crimes.


Principal activities

  • Organizing community meetings which allow victims and other members of the community to network and exchange ideas for helping people traumatized by war or hate crimes.
  • Facilitating the therapeutic sharing of victims’
  • Offering needs assessment for the victims to help them (to) find solutions
  • providing victims an  advisor crisis management for therapeutic support.
  • Offer of any other moral and material assistance which can facilitate the integration of (the) victims.


For more information contact us: Tel: (519) 850-2236 ext.280 or E-mail: perpetue@acfo-ls.org