French Language Service Committee


What is the French language committee ?

The French Language Services Committee (CSF) is responsible for such activities as mobilizing, representing and processing of claims affecting information, awareness, research and advocacy of French language rights.

French language services consist of all activities where a French-speaking person interacts with the government, whether in person, in writing, by phone or via the Internet. It is a vital link between the government and the francophone population.

Examples of services:

  • Obtaining/renewing a driver’s license, a health card or a passport;
  • Obtaining a birth or a marriage certificate;
  • Visiting an Employment Centre, the Public Service Commission, or the Department of Canadian  Heritage;
  • Aiding francophone called to court.


Our goals are to:

     1. Assist all levels of government departments and agencies in implementing and providing high quality French language services.

     2. Encourage the Francophone Community to use French language services already in place and to request French language services from all government agencies.

     3. Ensure that French language services offered by the government agencies are of high quality.

     4. Encourage the Francophone Community to notify the CSF when French language services are inadequate or non-existent.

     5. Protect and promote French language services in government offices.

Complaints process

Complaints from community members are received by the French Language Services Coordinator who refers them to the French Language Services Committee Members. After a review the coordinator ensures that the committee’s recommendations are enforced.

The complaints form is available at ACFO’s office (495, Richmond St, Suite 200, London, ON) or online.
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