Do you only help French speaking people?

We will assist everyone however; our services/programs are subject to an evaluation. Please follow the link to read more about our policies, procedures and eligibilities: "Clients’ Services“.


Who would be able to help; as a newcomer?

Our counselor of settlement would evaluate your needs, and guide you through the steps to take for your integration within the community.

 Our settlement counselor would evaluate your needs, guide and directe toward successful integration.  ACFO has a Resource Centre; counselor can aid the newcomers with help within government forms which are available. Internet use is also provided. A monthly newsletter and other information is offered. Our Resource Centre is regularly updated.


What French learning opportunities do you offer?

ACFO-London-Sarnia offers several opportunities for learning and practicing French language, for example :

  • Club Zola : A French conversation group for all levels in an accepting and friendly environment.  
  • Community Connections for adults : Twin with a French speaking Newcomer and participate in group activities.
  • Pause-café culturelle : Monthly gathering in French conversation on diverse themes
  • Youth Connections : Gathering in French conversation on diverse themes for youth.

For more information, please contact : aca@acfo-ls.org


Do you need volunteers?

ACFO London-Sarnia  welcomes volunteers (French and English speaking) to share their talents, abilities and times.

Within the Community Connections Program, we are looking for volunteers from a variety of backgrounds to be matched with newcomers and help them integrate into Canadian society.  It is an excellent way to expand social and professional networks, share knowledge, practice French and/or English language skills.

Youth over 15 are welcome to participate

Become a volunteer! We offer training for all volunteers!
If you are interested and/or for more information please contact: aca@acfo-ls.org


Would you help me to find employment?

ACFO London-Sarnia can help:

In our Resource Centre, we offer the opportunity to research via Internet and find links for bilingual positions in the area.

Our Small business centre‘s counselor provides information and gives assistance to new entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business. (Follow the link "Programs and Services").

Our Settlement counselor may be able to refer to other organizations, ex.: College Boréal.


Are your services free?

All our services are free of charge; we are a non-profit organization funded by different funders and we are able to give our services free of charge.

Exception: Our Bilingual Services Centre (Translation Services).