Our Offices :

495, Richmond Street, Suite 200 London
112, Christina Street South, Sarnia

Executive Direction

Gaston Mabaya
Executive Director

Dethy Akindele
Executive Assistant

Saousan Daouk
Administrative Assistant

Newcomer Settlement and Adaptation Program | Host Program | French Services Comitee

Ayan Aden
Settlement and Community Connections Programs Coordinator

Nicole Buteau
Settlement Counsellor /Adults and Youth

Community Connections Program Counsellor- Adults


Hodan Jama
Community Connections Program Counsellor-Youth

Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP)

Cornelie Mbaya

Settlement counsellor

Centre for Survivors of War and Catastrophic Stress

Perpétue Nitunga
Counsellor War and Catastrophic Stress Survivors


112, Christina Street South, Sarnia ON - 519-323-2600

Guyguy Teza
Settlement/Community Connections Counsellor- Adults and Youth

Irène Yata
Administrative Assitant/ Outreach