ACFO Structure

ACFO de London-Sarnia is administered by:

1. General Assembly
2. Regional Board of Directors
3. Executive Committee

A) General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all Francophones of the counties of Elgin, Lambton,
Middlesex, Oxford, and Perth and in attendance at the Annual General Meeting.
The General Assembly is the primary authority of ACFO de London-Sarnia.

Regulation of ACFO,London-Sarnia

These are the regulations approuved by the general assembly of 2005 and amended at the general assembly of 2008-2009.

B) Regional Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors currently are:

Anne, Toth

Elmira, Rezanavaz

Joseph, Nsabimana

Nina, Kaltimi

Rakesh, shreewasta

Svetlana, Jaraud

Thomas, Kone


C) Executive Committee

Powell, Marc Édouard, President

Joseph Nsabimana, Vice-president

Svetlana Jaraud, Treasurer

Nina Kaltimi, Secretary

If you wish to contact one of the members of the Board of Directors, please call (519) 850-2236