Background and Objectives


The London-Sarnia Regional Council of ACFO was established in 1983 to promote unity among Francophones residing in the counties of Elgin, Lambton, Middlesex, Oxford and Perth (over 12,000 people) to unite. While sharing the AFO’s objectives (Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario), the ACFO of London-Sarnia is primarily a regional development organization responsible for initiating and mobilizing the necessary resources that will encourage and develop the French speaking community to achieve its potential.

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The mandate of ACFO de London-Sarnia is to represent the French-speaking community  in our region, to be a political advocate for the preservation and development of the francophone communities and to provide programs, services and activities that foster the growth and vitality of these communities.


ACFO de London-Sarnia's mission is to support Fracophone and Francophiles to become well integrated into the region,
to promote their development in all sectors of activities and to protect the francophony in order to insure the viability,
the dynamis and the self-fulfillment of communities


Integrity - Professionalis - Equity - Participative leadership


As a leading community service organization, ACFO de London-Sarnia is able to represent the vital interests of all regional French-speaking communities and to offer an expanding range of programs, services and activities for the political, social, professional, communal and cultural development of francophones.


The main objectives of the organization is to; advocate for French language rights of the Francophones in these regions; to promote access to social, medical, recreational, cultural, and economical services in French; to facilitate co-ordination and assembly; to support the causes of various French-speaking groups, to promote co-operation and prioritize the needs of the community using consensus building methods.